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This Computer Gaming Desk by SyberDesk is for gamers who want to move to the next level. The desk is made to the same specifications as for E-Sport tournaments! SyberDesk is the best and most reasonably priced gaming desk on the market.The desk is equipped with an aluminum cable grommet, a sturdy frame, with an LED module mounted on the back (Bias lighting system).

Bias lighting system - reduces eye fatigue, enriches gray and black tones on the screen, details are more visible.

The most important features of the desk:

desk top 139x68
LED module (Bias lighting system)
Cable management system
USB (2.0) PORT HUB x3 micro / audio
Aluminum cable grommet
The frame is equipped with cable ducts used to organise the cables. This allows us to control messy and tangled cables !!

The desk is very stable and made of the highest quality components.

Technical data:

Desk top dimensions: 139x68

Height: 74-75cm

Colour: black

LED: Remote control (16 colors)

Aluminum cable grommet 16x8cm

USB: 3 USB 2.0 ports for audio / micro output

Frame: Sturdy frame, connected with a beam, cable organisation system.


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